Half Lit – Watermelon Wonderland 7mg


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Sturdivant Ventures, LLC


Half Lit is a gourmet line of confections made with the finest organic ingredients from sucker to seed. Our commitment to quality ingredients is our utmost priority in an industry where health and wellness is paramount. Our hard candy is handmade in California with a cautious eye for dosing so that we may provide consistency you can trust. Our name, a gentle nod to the moon above when half of its shape dares to light up the sky. Our stick, an invention that allows for a cannabis seed to grow with love from water and light from above. Source organic soil and the container of your choice. Add 30% organic perlite and 10% organic vermiculite to loosen heavy soil. Plant the stick from your cannabis-infused organic lollipop horizontally. Allow 11 days for germination, 1-3 months for vegetative time, and 2-3 months for flowers/budding. Check on your plant once a day and be sure to adequately water. Grow: SFV OG, Sin City OG, Blue Power, and WhiteNightmare. Note that while we have had a 100 percent success rate thus far on our end, we do not guarantee seed growth. Nature is in control and there are several variables (including humans) that play a role in a plants success or demise. The majority of seeds we’ve sourced are feminized, but this is not a guarantee. Revel in the experience, wherever it decides to lead you.


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